The SheraTop®-system is a modern duplex system based on the well-established and proven Sherardizing with excellent corrosion protection.

  • The sherardizied basecoat is alloyed with the base metal and joins very well to the following topcoat.

  • The diffusion layer protects the base metal actively (cathodic). The duration of protection is adjustable through the thickness. A layer thickness between 10 microns and 100 microns can be generated.

  • Depending on the requirements, the basecoat is Cr VI-free passivated, or combined with other topcoats to form a duplex system.

  • Relevant properties such as chemical resistance, friction, or a color-coordinated appearance can be defined according to customer specifications.

The SheraTop®-System provides excellent solutions for different industries:

  • In the construction industry sherardized and passivated products are used.

  • In the offshore industry a combination of Sherardizing with PTFE topcoats provides excellent corrosion protection.

  • The automotive industry uses sherardizied Products with friction coatings or rubber linings for damper systems. 

  • Some customers use sherardized products to post-treat these e.g. after assembling or forming.

The SheraTop® system provides with special Topcoats corrosion protection of up to 5000 h NSS.


SheraTop® - characteristics (PDF)