What is electroplating?

In addition to sherardizing and hot-dip galvanizing, it is also possible to galvanize steel or iron. In galvanizing, or electrolytic galvanizing, steel or iron is provided with a thin layer of zinc, nickel, aluminum, chromium or magnesium to prevent corrosion.

How does electroplating work?

Galvanization uses the galvano technique. This is also known as the electrolytic process. A thin zinc is applied to steel or iron by immersing the product in a cold chemical solution. An electric current charge bonds the different metals together.

The advantages of electroplating

Galvanizing has a number of advantages over hot-dip galvanizing:

  • Thin zinc layer so that post-processing of the material is not necessary
  • More beautiful appearance: shiny and smooth
  • Faster Adhesion
  • Scratch resistant

Disadvantage of electroplating

A disadvantage of electroplating is that steel or iron is less resistant to seawater and is harmful to the environment.

Something else?

Our alternative to electroplating: sherardizing – diffusion galvanizing

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