Wind energy

Durable and reliable

Wind energy

The high investments of wind power installations require the right materials. Sustainability of wind power installations starts with the use of materials with a long and reliable lifespan. Fastening parts for this industry are sherardized from day one.

Diffusion galvanized parts…

• provide reliable corrosion protection
• are free from hydrogen embrittlement
• are low maintenance
• can be easily assembled and/or disassembled
• coefficient of friction can be adjusted by top coatings
• are ideal for high-strength connections
• do not warp
• can be painted over


Fasteners, such as studs and nuts of any size.


• impeller connections
• HV sets
• threaded rods
• screws
• nuts
• adhesive anchors

The SheraTop® system, for example on a PTFE basis, offers long-term corrosion protection, even in aggressive corrosion environments.

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