SheraTop ®

our duplex system

The best protection against corrosion is a duplex system.
SheraTop ® is SHERART’s duplex system and is tailored to customer requirements.

What is SheraTop ® ?

With the SheraTop ® system, sherardized products are provided with a top layer such as powder coating, PTFE, organic coating, etc.

What makes SheraTop ® special?

The properties of the sherardised zinc layer such as roughness, hardness and adhesion ensure the optimal base coat of the SheraTop ® -system.

The microcrystalline surface ensures the anchored bond with the chosen top layer.

This combination makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as extending life, decorative or functional properties.

Why duplex with a sherardized zinc coating?

Topcoats adhere excellently to a sherardised substrate without pre-treatment. As a zinc-iron alloy, the sherardised basecoat is inextricably linked to the base material. As a result, the zinc layer actively protects the base material.

This cathodic protection duration can be influenced by the adjustability of the layer thickness. In fact, the interconnection creates a synergistic effect in the protection of your product (“Lackunterwanderung”).

Duplex, but no SheraTop ® ?

The customer can apply the top layer himself, without pre-treatment, by means of painting, spraying, dip-spinning, electrostatic or cataphoresis techniques. A top coat can even be applied after assembly.

SheraTop ® in a maritime environment?

In extremely corrosive environments, such as C5-M according to ISO 12944, tuned duplex systems based on sherardization are particularly suitable.

From SheraTop ® – PTFE coatings have been shown to have corrosion resistance up to 10,000 hours of salt spray test.

SheraTop ® system in practice

  • For marine environments, SHERART offers a SheraTop ® system with a corrosion resistance of up to 10,000 hours of salt spray test (SSN).
  • The automotive sector uses sherardized duplex systems, partly due to the good bonding base, the thin coating and temperature resistance.
  • In chlorinated environments such as indoor swimming pools, SheraTop ® fasteners used.
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