Beautiful functional design

Design sector

An industrial look has become very popular with homeowners. People want this traditional style to complement the aesthetics of their property.

Unfortunately, this fitting runs a high risk of rusting faster and faster, causing it to stop working properly within a few months of installation.

This can lead to expensive and frequent repeat visits to the customer’s home to replace underperforming and visually unpleasant fittings, wasting valuable time and money, while also damaging your company’s reputation.

As a result, many manufacturers avoid keeping this hardware in stock due to the possibility of rust and defects.

Durable and decorative

At SHERART, however, we offer a fully proven and reliable solution to the age-old problem of rusting, black antique hardware.

We deliver the specific style customers are looking for, without sacrificing cost and failure, by combining a proven galvanizing process with decorative use.

This offers customers durability, guaranteed performance, quality, increased lifetime value and cost efficiency.

Diffusion galvanized parts…

• provide reliable corrosion protection
• are free from hydrogen embrittlement
• are low maintenance
• can be easily assembled and/or disassembled
• coefficient of friction can be adjusted by top coatings
• are ideal for high-strength connections
• do not warp
• can be painted over


  • Stool Handles
  • Buttons
  • tie rods
  • Gate furniture
  • Front door furniture
  • hinges
  • Window and door fittings
    and accessories

Why choose SHERART?

30 years of experience


ISO 9001 certified

modern production company