Oil & Gas Industry

If it has to be sustainable

Oil and gas industry

Due to the extreme environmental and application conditions, “safety”, “ruggedness” and “reliability” are keywords for the oil and gas industry.

Sherardized products…

  • provide long-lasting corrosion protection
  • are low maintenance
  • are free from hydrogen embrittlement
  • can be assembled and disassembled
  • friction values can be set
  • are suitable for high-strength connections
  • are paintable
  • are cold and heat resistant


Sherardized products are commonly used in joints of almost any size between M8 and M80.

The SheraTop® system, for example on a PTFE basis, offers long-term corrosion protection, even in aggressive corrosion environments and makes your product optimal!


• Threaded rods
• Screws
• Nuts
• Glue anchors

Why choose SHERART?

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