Rubber-Metal Seal

diffusion galvanizing and vulcanizing

Why do Sherardized products have a reliable and resilient rubber-metal connection?

Sherardized products have a microcrystalline rough surface. The advantage? This creates an excellent rubber-metal bond.

An adhesive primer can be applied without pre-treatment to a sherardised surface. The result: a corrosion-protected, reliable and resilient rubber-metal connection.

In which sectors are sherardized and rubberized components used?

In the automotive industry and in the transport industry for example, sherardized and rubberized components are successfully used in damper systems.

In the agricultural sector, diffusion galvanized and vulcanised bars are used in conveyor belts to prevent damage to the crops.

Can you save costs on a rubber-metal connection by sherardizing?

Because the number of pre-treatments by the customer for rubberizing is reduced, costs are saved.

The microcrystalline surface of the sherardization provides an excellent bonding base on which the rubber can be applied directly.

Because the product is protected against corrosion by sherardizing, vulcanization can take place at the customer’s location at a later date.

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