Environmentally aware and sustainable

a strong and friendly way of galvanizing

We are green!

Green is our company color for a reason. Acting sustainably and environmentally friendly is part of our philosophy.

We develop and invest in energy-efficient, environmentally conscious production processes for the sustainability of your products and for the health of our employees.

We use green energy and minimize CO2 emissions.

Sherardizing is green!

  • no chemical pre-treatment is required;
  • it is a closed, energy-efficient galvanizing process;
  • it is a dry gas phase diffusion of zinc;
  • our waste streams are not hazardous and are recycled;
  • Sherardized products have a long life and require little maintenance.


In the context of the environment and sustainability, we encourage the so-called RRR culture: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

We try to minimize our waste, use raw materials more than once and use products in a different way, to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Why choose SHERART?

30 years of experience


ISO 9001 certified

modern production company