Automotive sector

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Automotive sector

Developments in the automotive industry are moving at a rapid pace. The performance is increasing and the materials are subject to increasingly high quality requirements with regard to safety.

Diffusion galvanized products…

• offer active corrosion protection against stone chips
• are temperature resistant
• no hydrogen embrittlement
• lower process temperatures
• spot welding after galvanizing
• deformable
• rubber-metal connection with corrosion protection
• are easy to paint after assembly


Sherardizing is applicable to, for example:

• High-strength steel construction parts
• Complicated construction parts
• High-tensile steel fasteners
• Connection components for engine compartments and exhaust systems
• Body parts
• Rivets and tubes
• Bolts, nuts and screws
• Shock absorbers
• Suspension systems
• Lock Parts

The SheraTop® system is a multifunctional solution!

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