NEN EN ISO 14713-1

Part 1: General Design Principles and Corrosion Resistance

ISO 14713-1

This standard provides guidelines and recommendations on the general design principles applicable to galvanized products. All this to protect against corrosion.

In this guideline the degree of corrosion resistance that the zinc coatings offer (when applied to iron and steel objects in different environments) is determined.

NEN EN ISO 14713-1 relates to zinc coatings that are applied with the following processes:

A) Hot dip galvanized coatings (applied after fabrication)
B) Hot dip galvanized coatings (applied to continuous sheets)
C) Coatings applied by sherardizing
D) Coatings applied by thermal spraying
E) Mechanically applied zinc coatings
F) Coatings applied by electrolytic deposition

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Zinc coatings – Guidelines and recommendations for the protection of iron and steel in structures against corrosion – Part 1: General design principles and corrosion resistance

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