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Transport sector

Transport is about safety and sustainability. That is why high demands are made in this sector.

The components used in undercarriages of trucks, trailers and trains must be resistant to corrosion, mechanical and dynamic loads. Durability is determined by the correct surface treatment, among other things.

Sherardizing provides an ideal bonding base for paints and rubber. The zinc layer is deformable, impact and wear resistant and offers perfect protection against under-corrosion. Due to the cathodic protection, the coating provides extra security compared to a product that is only lacquered.

Diffusion galvanized products…

• active corrosion protection against stone chips
• can be assembled and disassembled frequently
• rubber without additional process steps
• impact and wear resistant
• deformable
• easy to provide with, for example, a lacquer layer after installation montage


• Parts of spring and damper systems
• Container locks
• Ties and buckles to secure cargo
• Rivets with or without top coating

With a SheraTop® System tailored to the requirements, you have a total solution of exceptional quality!

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